Home to superior vacation life, Sacramento boasts of some unique and off beaten places that are not generally listed anywhere. Sacramento is the capital city of California, a well-known U.S. state. With a population of 493,025 people, it has emerged as the sixth largest city in California. The city is present at the confluence of the American River and Sacramento River and is the economic and cultural core of Sacramento metropolitan area.

The city is known for its diversity, evolving contemporary culture, sunny climate, farm-to-fork dining, and tree canopy. There are some lesser known places in the Sacramento region that offer tourists and local residents, an opportunity to refresh their mind, soul and palate while feeling rejuvenated and relaxed after the vacation.

Detail Maniac is the ONLY certified Master Detailer in Sacramento that has been featured on Good Day Sacramento, and won KCRA A-List for 2014 + 2015 + 2016! We are also BBB certified and are completely eco friendly.

Detail Maniac, established in 2011, specializes in complete automotive care and paint restoration. We provide clients professional paint & headlight restoration, interior cleaning & odor neutralization, fabric & leather treatment, claybar & waxing, paint sealants, ECO waterless car wash, and much more. Detail Maniac guides hands-on enthusiasts with the proper chemicals, pads, & equipment necessary for total vehicle maintenance and care.

We specialize in the following sevices:


  • Opti-Coat Pro Installer
  • CQuartz Finest Installer
  • Suntek Film Installer
  • Automotive Detailing
  • Windshield Repair
  • Headlight Restoration



Read below from Yelp what our customers from Sacramento have to say!

Man oh man!! I can’t even start how good the customer service is.

Man saw my last Yelp review and offered a free hand wash because I mentioned some minor issue with the cleaning from last time. Don’t get me wrong, I was very satisfied with the last interior and exterior cleaning. But the fact that he’s willing to do extra for the customer, he’s just too great.

Even tho I haven’t gotten the wash yet, I can already feel it’s gonna be good.


Man has always been incredibly helpful and involved with the education of his clientele. Whether you’re looking to purchase supplies for the do-it-yourselfer, or looking to book a complete inside/out detail Man takes the time to ask questions and guide you towards what’s best for your project – not what drives the biggest sale. A great shop which not only carries professional level supplies but delivers high end service. Great job team!

 J P.

These guys did a great job on detailing my black Audi S5. Even after the detail job it is important to know how to maintain the shine and keep your car swirl free. I personally like ONR rinseless car wash and only use premium microfiber towels. Overall Mann and his team were professional over the phone and did a great job. I would trust them with your high end vehicle.


Like everyone else, I could start off by saying that Detail Maniac is the best in town (it’s no lie…they really are the best!) or I could say that the results on each and every job they receive is flawless.

Overall, I rate these guys a 5 out of 5 and would DEFINITELY recommend them to everyone. Whether your car needs a lot of TLC for paint and interior, or it just needs a maintenance wash every now and then, Detail Maniac is the place to go to. Cleaning and wash products? Ask them and they’ll tell you everything you need. Classes? Sign up and learn how the Masters do it!


The result, IT’S UN-BELIEV-ABLE.

Man and his beautiful assistant detailed my little coupe so the glossy body blinds my eyes and the surface feels like baby’s butt. I can’t express how much thanks I owe because they pampered my coupe just like their own.

Overall, Detail Maniac does the work with their passion. And because of that, the final outcome is amazingly exceptional. Thank you Man. Thank you Detail Maniac! I would give you a 10 stars if I can.


One of the best car washes in the city. They turned my piece of junk into a showroom ready polished wonder in 45 minutes


Due to poor road paving in the Land Park area, our Audi A6 was heavily covered in asphalt/tar. It was so bad, we thought we were going to have to get the car repainted! Knowing that Man and crew was ranked best detailer in Sacramento, we decided to bring it here to see if it could be cleaned off. Man took it in Saturday at noon (with no appointment!), and we just picked it up looking like a brand new car, the next day! We’re completely floored by the work, the customer service and amazing quality. When we have more time, we’re bringing the car back for a full detail and then some. Man has earned my business! Thank you again!


If the customer service I received on the phone is any indicator of the overall quality of work Detail Maniac provides (which Yelp reviews seem to reflect it absolutely is!), this place is in a league of its own! My questions were answered respectfully and honestly, my concerns were heard, and I ended the convo feeling confident that I had spoken to a person passionate about the quality of his work, the satisfaction of his customers, and about being a rare beacon of integrity in an industry that can sometimes exploit the ignorance and desperation of consumers.


Wow! The attention to detail, their commitment to excellence, professional customer service and their assurance of complete satisfaction is a testament to what all businesses should achieve to be. I brought my car in in the worst shape she’s ever been in. Scratches all over the hood and horrible water spots over every inch. When I picked her up it was night and day! She looked brand new! I’m very picky about my cars and have a hard time handing the keys over. I can assure you this, these guys are the real deal and you shouldn’t hesitate in the slightest trusting you baby to Detail Maniac!


These guys took my brand new Sonata and made it look even more new than when I drove it off the lot! The owner is a genuinely friendly guy, and you can tell he has a passion for what he does. He wanted my car to “look perfect” before I picked it up, so he asked to hang onto my car a bit longer than expected and offered to provide a loaner vehicle if I needed one! Everything about the work done at DM far exceeded my expectations. I got the CQuartz treatment and would highly recommend it!


All the other car wash places I went to left the dreaded “swirls” and did a crappy job in general. If you have big rims you only have 2 choices(1 being Detail Maniac) and Detail Maniac is in a league of their own!

I have not had a detail done by them yet(just car wash), but I plan to do a 2 stage of CQuartz Finest in the very near future. I forgot to mention, Man is very reasonable when it comes to pricing and working with you. If you want the best for your vehicle, Detail Maniac is the ONLY place you should be going to in Sacramento!


Took my husband’s Honda Civic SI to get detailed because he had some circle swirl marks on it. I must say, when I picked it up, it looked better than when we bought the car from the lot last year. Sinchay & her team did an amazing job! I definitely recommend it. I bought the $399 exterior package. There’s also a 15% off coupon on YELP

 AS M.

I honestly couldn’t say enough good things about this place. The owner Man and the entire staff are extremely professional and beyond great at what they do. I had recently purchased an Xterra, and wanted to get a good detail as well as a protective coat that would last. Back to my car…when I came back to pick it up, WOW. I didn’t know it was possible for it to look so good. It looked better than when I bought it! I couldn’t be happier with the service provided by Detail Maniac. I would highly recommend them. You won’t regret it!


I have to give a shout out to Man and his grew for the great detail job they did on all the Ferraris at the Chico Concours. All the cars look fantastic and the their detail work was a major factor in my 328 GTS winning First Place/ Platinum Award. They by far are the best in Sacramento.

 ED C.

If you’re looking for the best automotive detailing and car washing around I’m going to stop you right there and tell you that you’ve found it. Man did everything to make sure the exact detail package I was looking for fit my needs. He did not try to up sell me on anything I didn’t need, nor did he try to pressure me to schedule an appointment right away. This is how business should be done andI have the utmost respect for him! Take it from me and the other 139 people who gave Man and the team at Detail Maniac nothing short of 5 stars, this is where you want to be for all your detailing needs!


Had my wife’s car’s exterior done last Monday, 11/16/15 and how amazing did it look afterwards! The staff is very professional and helped me through each step of the way when I brought the car in to be looked at. The car had HORRIBLE hard water spots on it and need some real TLC. When my wife and I got to the shop, the guys were still working on the car for at least 10 more mins but I am so glad they did! The car looks brand new! The shine is amazing and the paint is so smooth. I would HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone looking to have their car detailed. The interior looked very good also, as they vacuum and wiped it down. I think we definitely got our money’s worth going to Detail Maniac.


I’m speechless, came in with small but visible scratches on my car and these guys repaired it in less than 20mins. The customer service was great and people were extremely. To put he cherry on top of the pie in the end they did not even charge me because it was “something simple”. Couldn’t be more grateful. Great great great!


My 1 year old, 90 pound, puppy jumped up on my month old black audi…needless to say there were Nail mark scratches all down the side…from the yelp reviews I called this place Sunday night and they were able to squeeze me in the next day. 30 minutes and $50 later you can barely tell! They also have great products for caring for and washing your car. Highly recommend and I look forward to going back for a detail when the time comes


SUPER accommodating, and offered to come in on his day off! I said that wasn’t necessary, but this was an amazing deal. Ridiculously fast communications, too. Couldn’t possibly be happier with the job they did turning my old sow’s ear into a silk purse! I will never go anywhere else from now on. I just adore great service, and theirs is exceptional.


My car looks awesome…I purchased my Scion FRS from a well known local dealer that added a “package” that made my car look much more red, but I was a still a bit disappointed. My small disappointment grew to dread as I noticed that parking my car under trees (I live downtown) was beginning to be a problem. A huge one. A co worker told me about Detail Maniac well before I bought my current car and I kept them in mind. Fast forward to this past Friday and I needed a car wash AND wax. Badly. I also had to get into ‘I own a sports car’ mode and not just let anyone put their hands and detail ‘products’ on my FRS. The folks at Detail Maniac took one look at my car and realized that I needed more than just a car wash and wax…


I brought my 2016 Toyota Camry in for the Quartz detail package and I couldn’t believe it was my car at the end of the day. It’s well worth the investment. When it rains, you can see the coat working its magic in the way drops roll off the car. When it’s sunny out, the shine is unmatched. Since the detail I regularly receive compliments on how good my car looks, even with it being a commonly seen sedan. Now I drive my car around with confidence that its shell will better survive the harsh and unpredictable environment. I couldn’t be happier with the results. The team at Detail Maniac is passionate about what they do and it shows in their work, I won’t let anyone else touch my car from now on 🙂


The best! Don’t look any further. I have tried so many places and usually come away with some disappointment because the service wasn’t completed in some way. I can tell you with 100% certainty that Detail Maniac never disappoints. They truly take care of your vehicle as though it was their own. They are amazing!


I never thought I would see my black Mustang shine so bright. They’ve done such an impeccable job in making my car look newer than new!

-Staff: Very personable and professional. They definitely know how to please their customers. Especially little miss Darla the frenchie.

-Service: Superb! My husband came in a few days before to inquire about the prices. Needless to say, he ended up making an appointment for my car to get detailed. He states that it was professionally handled and was straight to the point, no fuss. When time came that I had to bring my car in, they did more to it than I expected. Treated it in the best possible way. Now, all the hard water spots are completely gone and the shine is RIDICULOUS. Simply amazing.


Just picked up my car from Detail Maniac tonight. Car is 11 years old, and had lots of oxidation that another detailing place told me could not be fixed. Detail Maniac has made my car look when I first drove it off the lot. I could not be happier! Thanks to Man and his crew!


What can I say, Man is the man!!!. I am beyond pleased.. these guys are awesome!! My car looks brand new If I could give them more stars I would. Love love love!


After reading all the glowing reviews of Detail Maniac, plus having them referred to me by someone I knew personally, I brought my black G37x to Man and his team. I live in midtown and don’t have covered parking where I live. And as careful as I am with parking, it still gets hit with pollen and the occasional bird bomb. I brought this up with Man in our initial consultation, and he recommended Opti-Coat, which is a coating that bonds directly to the paint and helps protect against uv rays, bird bombs and the like. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to get a car detail – bringing your car here will save you time, energy and money on the constant upkeep.


This place is legit! Called the number to inquire about coming in for a quote. The gentlemen named Mann who answered was very professional and instructed me what time he would be at the shop for me to come by. When I got the shop, he took a look at it, pulled it into the shop and I waited in the office for no longer than 10 minutes. I will hands down be coming back for a full car detail! (Appointment necessary) and I will certainly be bringing my mom here to get her side panel buffed out also. As she was the car who had gotten to close to my car and scrapped along the side lol.


Best detailing shop in Sacramento! I have been coming here to get my car detailed since 2012. My car (a 2013 Subaru Legacy) is basically a car where we cart multiple dogs in and all of them shed a ton of hair. Aside from that, all the dogs go to the dog park several times a week which tracks a bunch of mud and dog slobber. So when we gave the car over, it was full of slobber, mud, and fur on top of whatever else us humans tracked in. I was so amazed to see how my car turned out after getting it detailed. It looked exactly how I got it (interior wise) and I was blown away how clean the crew was able to get it. I got the C Quartz done on the outside and it looks amazing. I could use my car as a mirror!


Detail Maniac is an all star business in the Sacramento Area! Man (Owner) and his crew main focus is your satisfaction as they definitely aim to please, and do it very well!! Their attention to detail is by far the best I have ever experienced in the auto detailing business. My car couldn’t have looked any better, and I will be back for sure with my other cars!! If you need a car detailed or any detailing supplies in the greater Sacramento area this is the place to go!!


BEST DETAILING JOB IN SAC!!! Ricardo, Ken, and Man do a BEAUTIFUL job on all cars in their care!! They take the time to thoroughly clean every inch of your vehicle, leaving it SPOTLESS!! Customer service 11/10!! Everyone here is so nice as they make sure everything is done to your liking! They really take their time with everything as my detail job took around 3-4 hours. Don’t worry! They have a nice lounge you can wait in stocked with goodies and Netflix! 🙂 Will definitely be coming back here for all my future detail needs!!


We approached them with the difficult task of an interior detail that involved shampooing out throw-up that had been set into the seat and floors for a few days. We met with Man, who was pleasant and attentive to what we wanted done. It has been over a week since the second cleaning and the smell seems to be completely gone with no sign of the vomit. You know a good company when the owners and staff really enjoy what they do and care about the customer. This is what I see with Detail Maniac.


My 2008 R/T Charger has Dodge’s Brilliant Black Crystal Pearlcoat paint, with two vinyl wrap stripes down the middle. And although it is still pretty glossy it had some swirling and surface scratches that ruined the look when in sunlight, as well as some oxidation on the grill and vinyl wrap. I could not be happier! The paint hasn’t looked this nice ever since I owned it. I imagine when it was new on the lot it looked very much like is does now. The swirls are completely gone, and the pearlcoat actually sparkles now in the sun. Man threw in an extra coat of wax while I was waiting to pick up the car in the evening, and he was happy to answer my questions while I was waiting.


Brought our 2011 Honda Odyssey for complete in and out detail and couldn’t believe the result! My wife and I have very busy schedules and neglect to wash the outside and clean the inside. Plus our 2 kids have left the inside smelling like french fries and wet dog. Ricardo took care of our car and left it looking better than when we bought it from the dealership. All the dried up bugs from the front grill were gone, windows spotless, and the paint was as clean, shiny and spotless. The interior was pristine but did not have that greasy feel like when i used to use armor all. Ricardo even cleaned my kids car seats! This place is a definite must go for car detailing!


Man takes his business very seriously and wants his customers to be 110% satisfied with his work. I appreciate him reaching out to me and resolving the issue.


Took my Tesla to get waxed. they did a terrific job. good people


True Professionals. Owner Man is the only one I’d trust. As the owner of numerous high end European Sports car and Classic Muscle Cars, I’m grateful such a world class operation is in town. He took on a job dealing with clear coated carbon fibre roof that other shops wouldn’t. Spotless. Perfect. Dealer showroom quality work. No need to shop around.


My car was involved on an accident where the driver side fender and headlight were replaced. This resulted in one of my headlights looking brand new and one looking a lot older. This really bothered me for so u decided to get it restored. When I arrived I was greeted by the staff and they were really polite and knowledgeable.They had me wait in the guest room while they were restoring my headlight. The guest room had all the accommodations you need which includes: vending machines, a pool table, Netflix and much more. About 40 minutes later the notified me that my headlight was finished. It looked like it was new. I am very satisfied with the results


They do amazing work and their attention to detail are second to none. It doesn’t hurt that Man is probably the nicest guy I have ever met and his enthusiasm for his work get’s you hyped for the great job that he does.


I can’t describe how amazed I was with how clean they got the inside of my dad’s old car. There was so much trash and dirt, stains on the floors, panels and trunk. It’s now in pristine condition. Staff and service was amazing. To top off the great service, the owner even came during closed hours so I could pick up the car ( I didn’t have a ride until then). I will definitely be back again and will let everyone know that no matter how bad your car looks they could get the job done and have it looking better than ever. Thanks again.


I bought a black Infiniti G37S coupe in 2013, and the paint is so sensitive, a leaf would land on it and it would get scratched. I took it to Detail Maniac that year and they did such a fantastic job, I loved looking at it! People tell me all the time how beautiful my car looks and I brag about how Detail Maniac is the best. They are very professional and are experts in car detailing. Thank you, Detail Maniac, for making my car absolutely flawless! Sorry it took me so long to express my gratitude! You are most definitely the best!


Fantastic shop. I have not had my car detailed here before but I occasionally stop by to pick up some detailing supplies. There is always great service. Im in and out with what i need in a blink of an eye. Its nice having a shop close by with products you can only usually get online. Also glad they are expanding their arsenal. I see they now carry CarPro products which I love. (100th review! awe yeahh!)


Very knowledgeable and friendly people! These guys, Ken and Man definitely got the ball rolling in the detailing world. They are back by awesome products from Chemical Guys. Been there multiple times to have my rides detailed and leaving there non empty handed because of the quality of their products and their customer service. Your automobile is typically your second most expensive purchase you’d ever make in your life. Trust in Detail Maniac where they will bring back the shine and life to your vehicle. Definitely recommend this place for anyone and everyone’s automobile detailing needs.


The shop is great they have plenty of products to purchase. They will also show you how to use the products if you do not know how. They also have a full lounge with a couch and T.V. so you can watch netflix while you are waiting for your car to be finished. This place is great! Highly recommend!!!


I don’t write reviews… I need to feel compelled to spend the time writing one. I’m so pleased with my C Quartz Finest install from Detail Maniac that that should be the reason for the stellar review… It isn’t… I’m compelled to post this, because the level of service, consultation and execution truly exceed my expectations. I had an issue with swirls in the windows that I thought might be related to the C Quartz install – I WAS WRONG. I appreciate Man and team illustrating what my problem was with the glass swirls, and not only fixing the problem that I caused (when they didn’t have to) but leaving me with a Alpine White BMW so shiny and clean that I don’t want to even drive it…


Their main focus is your satisfaction and they do it very well! Their attention is to detail by far the best I have ever experienced in my previous auto detailing experience


Sometime over the weekend, I noticed a layer of white dust on my car. I brought it through an automated car wash and noticed the layer was still there. I thought it was tree sap and tried to remove it myself without success. This is where Detail Maniac came into the picture. After they were able to remove the so-called sap, it was determined that it was actually paint overspray. Nonetheless, they got it removed. My car looks new again and the paint surface feels like glass. I couldn’t stop raving about them to my friends and coworkers. Detail Maniac doesn’t know it, but I took a few extra business cards with me. Haha


Man and his crew did an amazing job on my s600 mercedes. I’ve been to other businesses and had paint correction done on my car and the blemishes are still there. I decided to go to Detail Maniacs after reading countless good reviews. I’m so happy I had paint correction done. My car looks better than brand new!


I was in a pinch because another detailer flaked on me. I called everyone, trying to get a same day appointment. Detail Maniac made it happen! Super team! Honest group. Conscientious too: they asked if I had a ride home since these jobs take a while, and they gave me a coat of wax–no extra charge. They really wowed me. Guys, if you’re reading this right now, you deserve medals!

 P T.

Took the car over to Detail Maniac and within 4 hours my car looked better than when I picked it up from the dealership!! The way the light reflects off the car and the “mirror image” look from the car thanks to the type of wax used really makes the car stand out! I was floored when I saw the results. And about the car washes? From now on I’m gonna get waterless car washes from Detail Maniac. No more towel streaks, scratches, etc. There was even a bird poop stain on the passenger side mirror that is completely gone. They really know what they’re doing – best in Sacramento.


Detail Maniac is the ultimate high quality true detail shop. I contacted them yesterday morning to do a hot water extraction on my perforated leather seat. Lets just say a very drunk person left some bodily fluids on the seat that needed to be removed. I spoke to Man on the phone and he explained how the process. When I showed up to the shop I was amazed. They carry the full line of Chemical Guys detail products including foam polisher pads. As a bit of a weekend warrior detailer I was in awe when Man gave me a tour of the shop. These guys are the real deal. My seat came out amazing and smells great.


Recently bought a nice used Lexus Es300. Took it to DetailManiac, due to the reviews here, to get my interior cleaned up. Wow !!! I was thoroughly impressed by the service and the end product. My leather seats, dash, carpet, trunk and more were cleaned and conditioned . Results were spectacular! Price was very fair compared to the amount of effort they put into their work. Try them and you’ll love them!


My Brand New Dodge Dart was mildly abused by an inexperienced detailer resulting in light scratches all over the car. My car is Black and any scratch is super noticeable. A coworker recommended Detail Maniacs. I checked them on Yelp and at the time out of 49 reviews, 49 5 star reviews. Even though they were a little more expensive then some of the other detailers, I liked the odds from the Yelp reviews and decided to go with them. Overall Detail Maniacs provides an excellent service and you can buy the same products they use on your car and they will teach you how to use them if you are into doing it yourself.


Just bought a 2014 328i and wanted to get a layer of protection on it before I started driving around too much. Based on Yelp reviews I stopped by Detail Maniac to get an idea of the services, prices, and general feel of the place. I was won over by the knowledgeable staff and made an appointment. I dropped my car off at 9am. When I returned at 6pm my car was finished as promised … and it looked beautiful. They took great care and a lot of time, adding a darker tint to bring out the contrast in the paint. It sparkled even more than when I picked the car up new.


If you thought the paint on your car coming off the dealership lot looked like it was in immaculate condition then you’d be wrong because Detail Maniac will show you what immaculate paint your car should have. I brought my 2013 Subaru Forester pearl white to them and they made it look flawless and the pearl shined better than off the dealership lot. They fixed all the “spider webbing” and scratches that were produced by the dealers and make the paint shine with a very deep wet look, like somebody had an on-going flow of steady stream water on the car. If you want your car detailed by the best in Sacramento or even Northern California for that matter then Detail Maniac is the place to take your car to. This is my 2nd time here with a different car as well.


Went in to simply get a quote on getting some stains out of the seats. They quoted me a very reasonable price, fit us in immediately, and led us to their waiting room, equipped with a netflix enabled big-screen, pool table, and comfortable couch. When we got the car back, the seats looked new, and they had also cleaned the entire car inside and out at no extra charge. The car hasn’t looked this good since it was purchased. They go above and beyond, and make sure you are comfortable and happy while doing it.


Highly impressed with their professionalism, attitude, and enthusiasm. Although I did not get exterior detail done on this visit, I saw some of the cars inside their shop and they were shinning like crystal. I will definitely be bringing my new car here soon for exterior detail.


All in all this was a very pleasant experience and well worth the wait and the reasonable prices. I am extremely satisfied with the way my truck came out looking. I honestly believe that besides the few rock chips i have gathered through the years, that my truck looks better then it did when i brought it home in 2005 when it was a brand new 2006 model. I will gladly be bringing my truck back here and suggest that if you would like your car to have that show car shine or just want to fix the paint up and prevent oxidation, bring it to these guys and let them help you bring back the life to your paint and interior.


This is definitely the one stop shop for all your detailing needs! They have all the professional supplies and advice one would need to keep their car in tip top shape. I can’t even count the numerous times Man has been there to assist me. I normally come in for detailing supplies and advice but, this week I brought my car in to have its tail lights polished. The results were incredible. I took a moment to compare the done and undone side and couldn’t believe the extra depth in color that appeared. This was proof of the detailing miracles the DM team could do. The Detail Maniac team always provides a welcoming and knowledgeable atmosphere that makes you glad to have come in.


The staff at Detail Maniac definitely know what they are doing. I took my car to their shop covered in swirl marks and scratches and when I went to pick it up, it blew my mind. I don’t know much about car paint or detailing, but I do know a thing or two about getting my nails painted at a nail salon. It was as though they had put a layer of shellac on my car; it was that shiny! Gone were the swirl marks and scratches and my oxidized window trims were restored back to black.


Parked my car under the tree at work and hard water from sprinkler, I tried to wash it multiple times, but hard water spots are all over my car. I called Detail Maniac for help, drop off my car over night at Detail Maniac, when I went pick it up the next morning, I was amazed. These guys did an amazing job. Car looks way shinier & much prettier than I first got it from the dealer. Oh and forgot to mention, customer service was A+++, shop is full of car wash and detailing products. The pool & ping pong table in the waiting room. I would definitely recommend this place. The guys are professional.


I took my car in for a nice detailing after a recommendation and checking out some pictures of Martins past projects. This was prior to the start of Detail Maniacs. The car that was worked on was my 2004 530i and only one word can express the end result, “astonishing” . The car looked better than cars I’ve seen just purchased off a lot. I would recommend these guys to anyone who loves their cars or cars in general.


The guys at Detail Maniac do the best, most thorough detail I’ve seen in 15+ years. Communication is great, the work is top-notch no matter what is being done, and you feel like you’re leaving the car with a close friend, not a business. I would (and have) recommended them to anyone needing top-end work at a ridiculously reasonable price, and it goes without saying that they take care of all of my cars. Even my 300k mile, 15 year old black car shines like new after the guys get done with it.


Detail Maniac is the only reason I have signed up on Yelp because i was so impressed with their work i just had to leave a positive review. I took my wifes Black Jetta that had been sitting for 2 years(water spots and grime included) and was amazed at how Man was able to bring it back to life better than the first time i had ever seen it. I look forward to washing it now because the water still beads off and once its clean i know i have the best looking black car on the block with the best mirror shine. If you want true showroom quality work, take your car/truck/bike or what have you to Detail Maniac for the best details in Northern CA.


I went to detail maniac after i bought my brand new 2013 tow truck. I wanted to make sure my six figure investment would look great 24/7. When you pull up to a customer to tow their car, first impressions are important. After leaving my truck at Detail Maniac for 3 days I was stunned at the results. David and Pedro made my truck SHINE! It was a night and day difference. Everything on the truck was washed, waxed, polished, waxed and then waxed again! I would highly recommend Detail Maniac to everyone and anyone. Thanks again to David, Pedro, Ken and Man who worked hard in making my tow truck a jaw dropping machine!


Took my filthy Toyota Camry into Detail Maniac for interior cleaning and I’m happy with their performance. I was offered incomparable service (way beyond the Norm) and very helpful information. My Camry has seen rough days, but these boys sure know how to bring a car back to life. Man is incredibly helpful and very talented. If you’re in need of detailing this place is the best money can buy. You wont be disappointed. Take it from me, give them a ring and you’ll feel as confident about their services as I did.


The technique and equipment he used then compared to today has increased 10 fold. I have been following his progress and each posting has been amazing and just as, or better than the previous. Progressive detailing. That’s passion. That’s Man. If it is a simple detail on a grocery getter or a show car that is on a trailer, you can trust Man, Ken & the Detail Maniac team with your baby.


WOW!!! This is my first review and it is easy to do. There is nothing negative to say about Man and Ken. They took every step to make the experience one that was tailored both to me and my car. Man came to me and picked up my car accommodating my situation. They took my new/used car and turned it into one that could be on the showroom floor, only they don’t look this good on the showroom floor. I will be bringing my car here as long as I own cars. I would not bat an eye in telling someone to take their car here for auto detailing. Man’s knowledge of auto detailing is exceptional. He put me at ease with his explanation of the process and came through with the final product. Thank you so much Man for going above and beyond expectations to make my car look it’s best.


Top notch! After having my paint scratched, swirled, etc at other car washes finally found a shop that protects and cleans your car. Called in on short notice after spotting some pollen/debris that was all over my car, Ken was able to get me in right away. He was extremely knowledgeable and managed to get the gunk off my car and made her shine like never before. Was so impressed that I scheduled a full detail to fix the damage that was done by the other car washes.


Ken and Man are the best of the best when it comes to making your car look better than when you bought it! I brought my new car to them back in 2012 and I never go anywhere else. I had hard water damage to paint on my hood because of lawn sprinklers in Elk Grove and after one day at Detail Maniac it came back looking good as new. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and I highly recommend their services any day.


I bought a SL550 that had some swirl/spider marks in the paint. This car is black and needed some love. I did some searching and after reading all of these amazing reviews on Yelp I decided that Detail Maniac was the obvious choice. These guys went to work at 9am on a Sunday. I had them do a 2 stage polish and finish with 22ple. They offered to stay after hours to get my car back to me that day since I needed it the next morning, so that I wouldn’t have to rent a car. I got my car back late that night and WOW! The black is like a mirror and looks absolutely STUNNING. Unbelievable job. These guys love what they do, they care about their work and it shows. If you are serious about your car, you MUST take it to Detail Maniac.


I have a 2006 BMW and have never had my car detailed. This place made my car look brand new. They treated and cleaned the leather and I was so happy with the job they did! The staff is very professional and freindly. We are taking our SUV to be detailed in a few weeks.


So impressed. We found Detail Maniac via the awesome reviews on Yelp and headed there on a Saturday morning. They were exceptionally friendly, told us what we could expect, and got to work on it right away. We only have the one car so we decided to wait for the work to be done – which we did, in their fabulous VIP lounge. We watched a movie on Netflix and played pool while we waited, complete with refreshments. The couch was comfy too. We got such an incredible deal, and my car looked BRAND NEW when it was finished. They’d thrown in a complete wash/wax, vacuumed everything, and polished the tires. I couldn’t believe how good it looked. I wish I’d had a wad of cash to tip with, because they really did a great job. I’ll definitely be recommending them to anyone needing a cleaner, nicer looking car.


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