Elk Grove is a home to superior life quality and entrepreneurial spirit. This is a family oriented community, where opportunities are seen in every corner. With a population of more than 170,000 residents, the ethnicity and income level differ to a large extent. The city offers its residents everything from ranch estates to starter home while providing a safe environment.

Elk Grove was named as the first city to incorporate in California during late July 2000 and has since then blossomed with huge employment opportunity, new businesses, and residential properties. The city is having small town roots but boasts of its proud heritage and bright future.

Detail Maniac is the ONLY certified Master Detailer in Sacramento that has been featured on Good Day Sacramento, and won KCRA A-List for 2014 + 2015 + 2016! We are also BBB certified and are completely eco friendly.

Detail Maniac, established in 2011, specializes in complete automotive care and paint restoration. We provide clients professional paint & headlight restoration, interior cleaning & odor neutralization, fabric & leather treatment, claybar & waxing, paint sealants, ECO waterless car wash, and much more. Detail Maniac guides hands-on enthusiasts with the proper chemicals, pads, & equipment necessary for total vehicle maintenance and care.

We specialize in the following sevices:


  • Opti-Coat Pro Installer
  • CQuartz Finest Installer
  • Suntek Film Installer
  • Automotive Detailing
  • Windshield Repair
  • Headlight Restoration



Read below from Yelp what our customers from Elk Grove Sacramento have to say!

The guys in the shop are fast professional and efficient, what more could you ask for…excellent customer service thank you


Obsessive compulsive sufferers….put down your Prozac and rejoice….your detail shop has arrived. In all seriousness, Detail Maniac is truly a first class (if not world class) operation. Man and his crew will go through extraordinary heights to satisfy both every day motorists and auto enthusiasts alike. Detail Maniac is THE auto detail shop regardless of what you drive or how particular you are about your car. These guys are so thorough that even the OCD crowd will have a difficult time second guessing their work.


My wife wanted me to get my 2007 Camry interior super clean. I requested a quote through Yelp, and Man messaged me back within 2 hours with a quote for full interior (which included exterior standard detailing). My wife was very impressed at how clean it was inside and out. His team also removed the streak of paint free of charge. My car seats were still a little bit damp from the cleaning, but dried up overnight with my windows left open. I gladly recommend detail maniac to anyone for their great customer service, and high attention to detailing.


Not only was I greeted by amazing customer service (they make you feel like you are family), given great advice on how to care for my car… but they did a FANTASTIC job! They removed 2 month’s worth of baked-in water spots! Plus random scratches that have accumulated over time. Super stoked to have my car looking better than when I drove it off the lot after I purchased it!!


When we brought in my 2015 Yas Marina Blue M4 for paint correction and Opti-Coat, Man suggested with this color we should use CQuartz instead. I told him that I trusted him to know what would look best and gave the go ahead. When we returned to pick up the M4, I was blown away at what a phenomenal job Man and his crew accomplished. They touched up a few rock chips and a minor scratch in the hood with Dr. Color Chip and it turned out awesome. The Quartz just made the YMB color “POP!” I’m very happy with the work they do and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for professional detail on their vehicles.


Brought my black g37s a couple weeks ago and it had nothing but swirls. The paint was terrible from the previous owner. So finally I did my research and decided to get it detailed by Man. He do an amazing job! My car looked brand new I was soooo happy to see it ! I almost wanted to cry lol I love my car soo much 🙂 he took his time on it and it came out beautifully !!


A couple of weeks ago, I drove to the Bay Area and something flew and hit the hood of my car and left scratches on my car. I told my friends about the situation and they suggested for me to bring my car to Detail Maniac because they were confident that they will be able to help me detail the car and most likely get rid of the scratches. I was super happy and satisfied with the excellent job they did with my car. They did a fantastic job on getting rid of the scratches and my car looked brand new like I just got it from the dealership. I am definitely coming back here to get my car detailed in the future.


The car looked like it had been sitting on the showroom floor. Mirror like finish on the paint, no more 1 inch of brake dust on the rims, windows were streakless! I’ll say the job was phenomenal. I’m looking forward to the official opening of Detail Maniac so I can get another cleaning! Awesome service, awesome quality- definitely a place you’ll want to go to keep your 4 wheeler in show condition.


One word to describe Man, Ken and the rest of the staff at DM… Terrific! I’ve sent my customers here with the confidence that they will be taken care of with the highest quality customer service. The staff at DM definitely knows how to make a decent car look fabulous. I would definitely recommend all my family and friends here for a detail!


Awesome place, staff is soo friendly and my car always looks amazing when they return it. These folks are the real deal and truly have a passion for there line of work. Very knowledgable too on car related questions for my subie.


Awesome job by Man! I’ve had my 08 BMW 335 for almost 5 years now and I can say with all honesty that the car has never looked better, even the day I bought it new from the dealership! Man spent a crazy amount of time on the car, exterior and interior and the work really shows. He was able to get out all of the swirls and the biggest thing that bothered me, water spots. I’ll be back again in the spring to have the car ready for the hot summer. Thanks Man!


This review is for the retail store side of Detail Maniac which sells auto detailing products. I arrived and was very warmly greeted by the owner named “Man”. I told him I was about to try my hand at detailing my cars and needed some supplies. Detail Maniac sells the Chemical Guys line of products which are high quality products. Man was incredibly informative and spent a lot of time educating me about paint correction techniques as well as the Chemical Guys product line he sells (and uses himself). I have never been so impressed in my entire life with how incredibly nice and helpful this guy was. Big time kudos!


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