Q. Can the paint protection film be waxed?

After applying paint protection film on your car, you can wax it. However, make sure that the wax you will be using does not contain Kerosene or Naphtha in over 5% concentration. Also avoid waxes that come with dyes. To achieve best results, ask us about what to use for your new film and we can assist.

Q. Does PPF clear bra seal come with warranties?

The STEALTH and PPF clear bra films come with 10 years warranty. This covers

  • Staining
  • Yellowing
  • Cracking
  • Delaminating
  • Bubbling

Q. Can I use detailing clay on the film?

Yes, detailing clay is similar to the regular paint. You need to wet the surface with a lubricant. Here you can use soapy water as lubricant and then rub the surface with a clay bar. To remove stubborn insects, hard water strain and bird dropping, use Simple Green as lubricant.

Q. What is the process to maintain PPF clear bra ?

PPF clear bra does not require any special maintenance. However, if the film is treated twice a year, it will last longer and will be easier to clean. You can use PPF clear bra Flawless Finish Paint Protection Film Sealant to treat the film. To achieve best results, ask us about what to use for your new film and we can assist.


Q. Can PPF clear bra protection film be installed on Chrome?

Yes, any of the PPF clear bra film can be easily applied on chrome. Although, you will find a little difference than what it would have looked if left unprotected. Therefore before installing the film, we recommend applying a small swatch on the desired surface to see what the end result would look like.

Q. Will the color of PPF clear bra turn yellow over time?

PPF clear bra comes with 10 years warranty against a wide range of issues which also includes fading or yellowing of the film. Please ask us if you need further information on how this works!

Q. How deep of a scratch can film still heals?

The clear coat of the film is self healing and its thickness is approximately 13 microns. However, if the layer is penetrated 13 microns deep, the film will not heal.

Q.Can I install PPF clear bra on the windshield?

Well, no PPF clear bra cannot be installed on the windshield. This is because of the impact absorbency of the PPF, the film’s refractive index is way too different from that of the windshield. Therefore because of this difference, installing the film over windshield can cause distortion which is unacceptable to the occupants of the vehicle.

Q.Can I cover my whole vehicle with PPF clear bra Film?

Yes, smooth surfaces of the vehicle can easily be covered with the help of paint protection film.

Q. Can the car be washed in an automatic car wash?

Yes, you can easily get your car washed at automatic car wash but make sure you wait for 48 hours before washing the car. However we do not recommend it as hand washing is always the best method on caring for a car.

Q. How thick is PPF clear bra paint protection film?

PPF clear bra is 8.5 mils (.0085 inches) thick.

Q. Is it safe to use a pressure washer, and how soon after install?

Yes, you can use pressure washer on PPF clear bra paint protection films. You can typically wash the car after 48 hours as this is the time required for the film to dry completely after the installation. However make sure that high pressure water is not used directly on the edges.


Q.Will the vehicle’s pain be harmed while removing the film?

There are very low chances that the PPF will cause any damage to the OEM paint. Paint systems used on high end cars nowadays produce minimum bond strength of 16 MPa and maximum of 25 MPa between the panel and the paint. The PPF bond to the painted surface is 0.0753 MPa. Therefore even after years of exposure to heat and sun, the bond increases to 0.17 MPa. Thus even in the worst case scenario the bond of the panel to the factory paint is 94 times stronger than the bond of our film to paint.
Therefore if the film is removed by a professional, it will not cause any harm to the vehicles paint.

Q.Can I install PPF clear bra on my vehicles headlights and fog lights?

Yes, PPF clear bra can easily be installed on the fog lights and headlights.

Q.How should I wash the film, can a quick detailer or detail spray be used?

Any standard car wash soap, detail spray or rinse free car wash can be used to clean the film. However make sure the product does not contain more than 5% kerosene or naphtha.

Q.Can PPF clear bra be applied over a vehicle that has had paint touch ups?

Yes, you can easily apply PPF clear bra over any kind of touch-up. However you will be able to achieve best possible appearance if the touch up area has been color sanded smooth and has been buffed after application of the film.

Q.Can PPF clear bra paint protection film be installed on a brand new vehicle?

Yes, this is because the factory paint is completely cured before the car is sold.

Q.Will the edge of the film be noticeable, if partial front end is wrapped?

While it is possible to see the edges of the film, they are generally not visible unless a person is specifically looking for them. In case the car is extremely dirty and the dirt has collected along the edges of the film, it will be more noticeable. However once the car is clean, the film cannot be detected.


Q.A piece of road debris scratched the film on my car. Will this self-heal?

The self healing coat of the PPF clear bra and STEALTH film has been designed to repair itself from light scratches and swirl marks from road debris, car wash etc. However, if a piece of debris has penetrated the clear film, it will not self heal. The only way to treat the film would be to get the piece of film replaced.


Q.Does the 10-year warranty on PPF clear bra transfer to another owner if car is sold?

No the film is not resusable and cannot be used once removed.

Q.A paint sealant was previously applied to my vehicle, can I have PPF clear bra installed over this protectant?

If the vehicle is sold, the warranty on PPF clear bra , STEALTH and XTREME will not be transferred to the new owner.

Q.Does the 10-year warranty on PPF clear bra transfer to another owner if car is sold?

Protectants, sealants and waxes are designed to reduce the surface energy of the paint, which makes it easier to clean. A reduced surface energy will further reduce the ability of the protectant film to adhere to the paint and can further cause adhesion issues. Therefore we recommend removing waxes, sealants or similar products before applying the protectant film. However if it is not possible to remove them, we recommend applying them after adhering the protectant film.

Q.Can a ceramic coating be applied on top of the film and will it affect the self-healing feature of XPEL?

Yes, you can easily apply a coating on the film. Adding a ceramic coating on the film will not affect its self-healing feature. Adding a coating over protective film will only strengthen the protective feature, however it will depend on the coating and its properties. Moreover additional coating feature may or may not be self-healing. If the coating wears down, you can still enjoy the self healing feature of PPF clear bra and STEALTH.

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