Subaru just in for trunk application!

Custom trunk application for this Subaru! We did the trunk in one piece for a seamless look, this type of install is harder than splitting it into sections. We always do what will last and look best for our customers! 🏆@detailmaniac #Subaru #PPF#Detailing

Sacramento Detail Maniac Review for paint protection film!

“Man provided in great detail all of the options available to me regarding PPF and Ceramic coating. After a thorough explanation and showing me examples from different vehicles in the shop, I was able to make an informed decision regarding the best choice for my new vehicle. He was very friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and definitely …

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Airstream coated with CQuartz here in Sacramento!

Airstream Coated with CQuartz Finest Reserve! This coating will make our customer’s life a lot easier. Maintenance washes are a breeze now thanks to the hydrophobicity 💧 If you have something bigger than a car or truck that you need coated, send us a [email protected] #Airstream #CQuartz#CeramicCoating

Tesla’s just info STEK PPF all around!

Tesla Model Y + Model 3 covered in full body STEK paint protection film and customized with powder coated wheels! If you’re close to Sacramento and you have a Tesla, we’re your go-to shop for paint protection ⚡️@detailmaniac #STEK #Tesla