A beautiful city located in San Joaquin County, Lodi lies in the northern portion of California’s central valley. The city population is estimated to be close to 64,641. The region is best known for being a center of wine grape production, although it is considered less prestigious than Napa and Sonoma counties. However, recently an increased respect for the Zinfandel wine and other eclectic varietals of Lodi has been seen with a focus on sustainability under the Lodi Rules Program.

The city was officially incorporated by voters in 1906 and the fire department was established in 1911. The city got its first hospital in 1915, a library in 1909 and the Lodi Opera House in 1905. However, the city gained its share of international attention when local residents Umer Hayat and Hamid Hayat were arrested and charged by the California police in the first terrorism trial in 2005.

Detail Maniac is the ONLY certified Master Detailer in Sacramento that has been featured on Good Day Sacramento, and won KCRA A-List for 2014 + 2015 + 2016! We are also BBB certified and are completely eco friendly.

Detail Maniac, established in 2011, specializes in complete automotive care and paint restoration. We provide clients professional paint & headlight restoration, interior cleaning & odor neutralization, fabric & leather treatment, claybar & waxing, paint sealants, ECO waterless car wash, and much more. Detail Maniac guides hands-on enthusiasts with the proper chemicals, pads, & equipment necessary for total vehicle maintenance and care.

We specialize in the following sevices:


  • Opti-Coat Pro Installer
  • CQuartz Finest Installer
  • Suntek Film Installer
  • Automotive Detailing
  • Windshield Repair
  • Headlight Restoration



Read below from Yelp what our customers from Lodi have to say!

Soo, I’m looking for a product and find that these guys carry it. I called first thing Saturday morning and told the girl on the phone what I was looking for, she confirmed that they carried the product. I drove from Lodi to the store in Sacramento “Only place north of L.A. that carries it”. I walk in and the owner “Man” very professional greets me and asks if he can help me. I told him that I was looking to buy Car Pro’s Iron X and he tells me that he is out. I told him that I had called and the girl told me that you carry it. He asked me to hold on and went in the back and then out to his shop. After a few minutes he came back and confirmed that indeed he was out and even called a friend to see if he had some that he could get for me and he was out too. Man asked if I had a picture and that he would like to see the truck. I didn’t have a picture but I explained to him what I was doing and that I was trying to get the little rust spots out of my white paint. He told me that I was doing everything right and never tried to push a product that he sells on me “WOW” that was a big plus.

Man said that he wanted me to bring my truck to him and that he felt bad because I basically made a trip for nothing and that he was going to wash and clay bar my truck FREE OF CHARGE Yes I said “FREE”.

I brought my truck to the shop Monday morning and I waited for these guys’ to work their magic and “Holy BEJESUS” they did an awesome job on my truck. Keep in mind that my truck was a very clean 1996 Ford F-250 with some rust dots all over it, especially the hood and the top of the cab that I could not get out no matter how hard I tried. These guys washed and clay bar’d the entire truck. When I saw my truck I was in “AWE’ by the awesome job that they did.

I have gotten many compliments on my truck since Detail Maniac worked their magic on her. I cannot stress enough if your reading this to only take your vehicle here and nowhere else. Guys’ that drive Lambo’s to people who drive everyday cars; it doesn’t matter to them because your gonna get attention to detail with these guys’ no matter what you drive.

I have found a place that I look forward to doing business with over and over. Man has what it takes to be the very successful business owner and it shows in all of his employee’s attitudes. Thank You Detail Maniac for the awesome experience!


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