Q. How much does it cost for a detail?

Each vehicle’s interior/exterior condition is different. An accurate quote will be given upon inspection of your vehicle by a Master Detailer.

Q. How long does it take?

Most vehicles tend to average 6-8 hours for a full interior/exterior package. We will provide you the time necessary when giving the estimate.

Q. Can you fix scratches?

We are able to eliminate or minimize scratches, depending on the depth. The further it is etched into the clearcoat, the higher chance of it being noticeable.

Q. Can you restore faded trims/panels?

Faded panels could be restored with proper care. However cracked, chipped, or peeling trims should be replaced depending on the severity.

Q. Can you get rid of hard water spots?

The longer the water spots stay on your car, the harder it is to correct. If there are hard water spots on your vehicle, we recommend prompt care.

Q. How do you get rid of swirls on the paint?

A proper combination of polishers, pads, & chemicals for your specific vehicle are needed for maximum results. As each paint is different, a wrong combination may worsen the condition or cause buffer trails, hologramming, cut down longevity of your clearcoat, etc.

Q. How effective is the EcoSmart Waterless CarWash?

We stand behind this product 100%. The detailers here at Detail Maniac have always used this product to wash the cars prior to polishing. It is scratch-free and extremely easy to use.

Q. What did you use on my vehicle?

Many customers are interested in how we achieved our results. Unlike other detailers, we have hundreds of different combinations of products to suite your specific vehicle. We are more than happy to help you understand step by step the procedures necessary to reach our goals.

Q. How long will this last?

Our sealant is known to last 6-12 months, depending on environmental conditions upon leaving our shop. On average, the sealant will last 9 months, and a layer of wax should be applied every 3 months for additional protection and enhancement.

Q. How do I maintain this shine?

We use all of the professional products we sell, and recommend them for any individuals interested in maintaining the vehicles themselves. From our EcoSmart Waterless CarWash to our Lava Luminous Glow Infusion Wax, we will gladly show you how to apply the products to maximize the longevity of your vehicle’s interior and exterior.

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