Window tint, PPF and ceramic coating review for Detail Maniac in Sacramento

“Detail Maniac continues to be the industry leader in paint protection film (PPF), ceramic tint (CT), and ceramic coating (CC). This is my forth vehicle I have brought to Detail Maniac (still need to review them for the third vehicle) and their level of attention to detail and perfection has not faltered at all.

My recent vehicle is a 2023 Toyota Tundra that I brought in to have PPF, CT, and CC installed/applied. When you purchase a brand new vehicle off the lot, you expect it to be “brand new”, it never is. After Detail Maniac puts their touches on it, the vehicle finally looks as it should being “brand new”.

The PPF is precisely installed and edges seamlessly tucked away so it isn’t even presentable unless you know it’s there. No ugly edges, no air bubbles, no incorrectly applied lines. The PPF is absolutely perfect and provides the level of protection required for an off road vehicle.

The CT follows in line with the PPF. The tint is perfectly applied, you cannot see any lines and there are no air bubbles. I have never seen a tint applications that didn’t end up with some air bubbles, but Detail Maniac’s expert technicians make it happen.

Finally the CC. This is the bread and butter that makes a brand new car actually look brand new. The paint just pops and the clear coat is protected from the harsh elements. Cleaning the truck has never been easier and provides that extra level of ease.

For as long as Detail Maniac is in business, I will be taking all my new cars there. As always, a huge thanks to Adrian, Manh, and the rest of the great Detail Maniac crew.”

Thanks to William for the great review! 

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