Mustang Bullitt gets the treatment in Sacramento, California at Detail Maniac! (Customer review)

Cherie had their Mustang protected and corrected with us awhile back. Here’s the review they left for us! 

“After purchasing our Mustang Bullitt on a rainy day. Ford had to send it to get the water spots and scratches removed. Unfortunately after going back and forth with them for a month, because the job was not done right and they ended up making it worse. We’re done dealing with them. My husband decided to take it to Detail Maniac to see if they would be able to do a paint correction and add clear bra and couple other things to help protect the paint. The car is black so everything shows on it. After going to the shop and Adrian helping me out and even talking with my husband on the phone we made appointment with Detail Maniac. We’re very nervous cause Ford let us down the body shop they use didn’t get all scratch’s out and left some swirl marks. And supposedly this is a body shop that they use for all the Shelby’s and GT 350s. 

When we went to drop our vehicle off they showed us other cars they were working on and went over everything they where going to be doing to the Bullitt. 

Week later we got to pick her up and boy did she look beautiful and way better than before. Looked like a show room car. She was nice and shiny and had a beautiful gloss to her. Best decision we made and we’ll worth the money. Today I took into Ford so they could fix the door panel they messed up while they tinted the windows. They had a GT350 and that car looked very dull compared to my Bullitt. 

Thank you Mann and his team best customer service and best car service I’ve had. I highly recommend them and wish I could of had them work on her the first time instead of the other Body Shop Ford used. If people would of seen how Ford gave it to us every time and how it looks now. You would be very impressed.”

Thank you so much for the kind words as always!

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