Another Ford Shelby GT350 with Paint Protection Film

Full protection for this Ford Shelby GT350 🏁 We applied STEK DYNOshield, our film of choice for all of our customers! It provides amazing protection, insane gloss, and is covered by warranty. @detailmaniac #Ford #Shelby #GT350

Custom Paint Protection Film for this 996 Porsche!

Custom PPF application for a 996 Porsche! 🛡 Having the front end wrapped up will keep rocks and other road debris from damaging the paint. We recommend front end PPF if you want to keep the high impact areas flawless! @detailmaniac #Porsche996 #Porsche#PPF

Ford GT350 in for STEK DYNOshield and CQuartz

This Ford GT350 looks incredible with our perfect combo of STEK DYNOshield and CQuartz! The level of gloss and clarity this car gives off is great to highlight that beautiful blue paint 💎 If you want your car to look this good, message us! @detailmaniac #Ford #Shelby#FordGT350 #Detailing

Subaru just in for trunk application!

Custom trunk application for this Subaru! We did the trunk in one piece for a seamless look, this type of install is harder than splitting it into sections. We always do what will last and look best for our customers! 🏆 @detailmaniac #Subaru #PPF#Detailing

Sacramento Detail Maniac Review for paint protection film!

“Man provided in great detail all of the options available to me regarding PPF and Ceramic coating. After a thorough explanation and showing me examples from different vehicles in the shop, I was able to make an informed decision regarding the best choice for my new vehicle. He was very friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and definitely …

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Toyota gets STEK DYNOshield from DetailManiac Sacramento!

That clarity is insane! STEK DYNOshield enhanced the finish on this Toyota. Many other PPF brands offer film with orange peel 👎🏼 STEK is the smoothest finish we’ve seen, we only provide the best products for our customers! @detailmaniac #Toyota #STEK

Airstream coated with CQuartz here in Sacramento!

Airstream Coated with CQuartz Finest Reserve! This coating will make our customer’s life a lot easier. Maintenance washes are a breeze now thanks to the hydrophobicity 💧 If you have something bigger than a car or truck that you need coated, send us a message! @detailmaniac #Airstream #CQuartz#CeramicCoating