Aftercare Tips!

With Detailing and especially paint correction, this isn’t seen as temporary fix and that the swirls/scratches will come back, this is permanent and if the vehicle is maintained correctly in the methods and the processes we show you these swirls and fine scratches that have been removed will not come back. With Wrapping we will show you how to maintain your freshly wrapped vehicle and preserve the finish.

We will also advised on what products and materials to buy for the future maintenance. We are always only a phone call away if you are in need of any advise on the maintenance of your vehicle.

How To - Rinsless Car Washing by Bay Area OCDetail

Items Needed for Rinseless Wash:

-Ultima Waterless Wash Plus Concentrate - 16 oz.
-(1) BOA (5 Pack) Super Soft Plush Microfiber Towel - 16" x 24"
-(2) Microfiber Madness WaveRider (40" x 20")
-(2) Cuff-less Plush Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitt
-Micro-Restore MicroFiber Detergent (1 Quart)
-(2) Grit Guard Insert - Blue
-(2) - 5 Gallon Buckets from local hardware store
(bring your Grit Guard in with you and you can check the fit but they fit most 5 gallon buckets)


Fill one bucket with grit guard half way with water
Create about 1-2 gallons of Rinseless solution mixture in the other bucket with grit guard.
Select your cuff less wash mitt and dip in the solution fully submerging
Using Zero pressure slide it across one panel (If paint is quite clean and the panels are small you might do two before rinsing)
The dirtier the paint is the faster you take it to the “Rinse bucket” and thoroughly clean BEFORE placing back into your “wash bucket” to absorb more solution.
Select your drying towel or another clean towel which you will use for drying ONLY the panel which you have already cleaned
Repeat steps 3-6 across the entire car, drying panels before water is allowed to dry on them


A. - During the rinseless wash process it is important to clean entire panels before you move to drying that panel. This is to avoid using a dry towel on an area that is still dirty.

B. - Directions for care of Microfiber towels will be found on the bottom of the page which is linked again here - Microfiber Madness

Recommended Carcare Products:

Carpro Ech2o Concentrate

Carpro BOA Microfiber Towel

WaveRider Drying Towel

Cuff-Less Plush Microfiber Wash Mitt

Micro-Restore MicroFiber Detergent

Grit Guard Insert

5 Gallon Wash Bucket

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